SAFMC Announces the Release of Free Federal Fishing Regulations Mobile App

SAFMC Announces the Release of Free Federal Fishing Regulations Mobile App - "SA Fishing Regulations" App highlights fishing regulations and much more Now available for iPhone and Android


Heading out to fish in federal waters in the South Atlantic?


Wondering what fish you can catch and keep?

We've got the solution - download the new FREE federal fishing regulations app for the South Atlantic -  SA Fishing Regulations - before you hit the water or wet your line! 

The SA Fishing Regulations app is a searchable guide to federal fishing regulations and saltwater fish identification in the South Atlantic region of the U.S. to include North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and the East coast of Florida.  

Features include:

Fish identification information - illustrations, fish description including distribution, size, etc.

Federal recreational regulations - bag limits, size limits, specific regulation requirements.

Federal commercial regulations -size limits, trip limits, quota/closed season information, and specific regulation requirements.

Measuring guidelines

Managed areas - Deepwater MPAs, Oculina Bank information, Deepwater Coral HAPCs, Special Management Zones, National Marine Sanctuaries in the region.

Links to important fishery management contacts and state fishery regulations.

Beautiful illustrations by renowned illustrator Duane Raver, Jr. will help to identify your catch - and the easy to use regulations summary will let you know if it's a "keeper"!