Atlantic Highly Migratory Species May News

The National Marine Fisheries Service is adjusting the General category Atlantic bluefin tuna daily retention limit to three large medium or giant (73" or greater curved fork length) bluefin tuna effective June 1-August 31, 2013.  This limit applies to vessels permitted in the Atlantic tunas General category (a commercial handgear category), and to vessels permitted in the HMS Charter/Headboat category while fishing commercially.

Through May 31, 2013, the General category fishery remains closed.  The default retention limit would be one large medium or giant BFT per vessel per day/trip unless changed via this action.  NMFS will continue to monitor the fishery closely through dealer reports.  Depending on fishing effort and catch rates, NMFS may determine that additional retention limit adjustment or fishery closure is necessary to ensure available quota is not exceeded or to enhance scientific data collection from, and fishing opportunities in, all geographic areas. 


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