Problem With Mustang Inflatable PFDS

The Coast Guard has become aware of certain Mustang Survival Inflatable PFDs with Hammar MA1hydrostatic (HIT) inflation systems which may not inflate and require a new re-arm kit to properly inflate by manual or automatic activation. This safety alert identifies which products are affected. Certain inflatable PDFs may be subject to delayed or non-inflations. To determine if you are impacted please follow the instructions below.

USCG Approval Mustang Product

N/A MA7214 HIT inflatable re-arm kit

N/A MA7218 HIT inflatable re-arm kit for LIFT

160.076/8611/0 MD0450 Inflatable Vest PFD with LIFT

160.076/5204/0 MD0451 Inflatable Vest PFD with LIFT (no harness)

160.076/5201/0 MD3183 Deluxe Inflatable PFD with HIT

160.076/8608/0 MD3184 Deluxe Inflatable PFD with HIT (with harness)

160.076/5300/0 MD3188 Inflatable Work Vest/PFD with HIT

160.053/116/0 MD3188 Inflatable Work Vest/PFD with HIT

If you have a re-arm kit MA7214 or MA7218 you need only to checkthe lot number on the CO2 cylinder label. If your CO2 cylinder ismarked with lot numbers 404121 or 404122 please contact MustangSurvival’s customer service group at the number below.

If you have a PFD listed above refer to the sewn-in approval label to determine if it was “Made in Canada” and the “MFG DATE” is April or May 2012. If so, you will need to check the lot numbers of the CO2 cylinder. The CO2 cylinder lot number is visible through the yellow bladder fabric. Manually unpack your PFD by opening the zippers and unfolding your PFD. Find the CO2 cylinder that is attached to the round inflator within the yellow bladder. Press the yellow bladder fabric against the cylinder to read the label to view the lot number through the fabric. If your CO2 cylinder is marked with lot numbers 404121 or 404122, please contact Mustang Survival’s customer service group for instructions and to arrange for a replacement inflator assembly.

All other CO2 cylinder lot numbers are satisfactory. Repack your PFD so it is ready for use per the instruction manual. Mustang Survival Customer Service Group: 1-800-526-0532.

Additional information is available at Please note the following photographs.