Code of Ethics

For a regular member to maintain his/her NACO membership in good standing, it is required that they comply with the following operating practices and professional standards as adopted by the Association.

  1. To operate a safe vessel which complies with all applicable Federal and State laws and regulations for a vessel of her size and purpose.
  2. To maintain the proper levels of insurance for the vessel and crew to ensure appropriate protection for the vessel, crew and passengers. It shall be made known to crew- members what they are and are not covered for regarding medical, liability and accident coverage.
  3. To abide by the International and Inland Rules of the Road while underway and at anchor, giving first priority to the safety of passengers and crew.
  4. To be in full compliance with the random drug testing program, thereby ensuring the competency of crew and Master
  5. To operate in the highest ethical standards when operating and/or interacting with other passenger carrying vessels and companies.
  6. To promote and support the objectives of NACO, her Officers and Board of Directors as they apply to developing a strong and healthy organization.

Should a member be found in non-compliance with the above standards, he/she may be removed from membership for cause in accordance with NACO's By-Laws.