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URL - http://www.nacocharters.org

Link Text - National Association of Charterboat Operators

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You may only use the NACO logo if you are a current member in good standing, or have permission. 
If you fail to renew, YOU MUST REMOVE the logo from your web site and discard and printed materials that contain the logo.
NOTE:  Only use these logos on your website, or in emails.  They quality isn't sufficient for use in print materials. Instead use  [ Print Quality Graphic Files ]

Transparent PNG - No Shadow

A transparent PNG is the BEST option for getting the NACO logo on your site looking good, and blending into your existing size theme (any background color/pattern).  Choose an appropriate size.  Please don't reduce or skew the dimensions.

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Some web hosts don't allow transparent PNG usage.These logos will still look great when placed on a white background.(#FFFFFF)

NOTE : If not placed on a completely white background, a white box around the logo will appear.

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Print Quality Graphic Files

If you need to place the NACO logo on your business card or brochure, you should supply your graphic artist this file.  It can be scaled to any resolution without quality loss.

BP/Deepwater Horizon

Claims and Settlement Information

Check here for the latest info and links to forms.

Claim Forms and Instruction Booklets

The Court Supervised Settlement Program commenced on June 4, 2012. Claim Forms are available below and in Claimant Assistance Centers. Claimants and Counsel are strongly encouraged to submit claims online, using an online Claim Form that will be far easier to complete than the hard copy Claim Form.

Click Here to Submit Your Claim Online

Below is the Registration Form along with the 12 accompanying Claim Forms. Claimants must submit a Registration Form before or along with their Claim Form(s).

Click Here to Request to Have a Claim Packet Mailed to You

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Federal Court Directed Notice (U.S. District Court Eastern District of Louisiana)

This notice explains the Economic & Property Damages Settlement (E&PD Settlement)