Board of Directors


Captain Robert F. Zales, II
Panama City Boatmen Association
Panama City, FL


Captain Butch Smith
Ilwaco Charter Association
Ilwaco, WA


Captain Charlie Phillips
Florida Guides Association
LaBelle, FL


Captain Ron Maglio
Michigan City Charter Boat Association
Stuart, FL


Executive Director
Susan Mason-Yadav
Hurley, MS




Captain Frank Becker
Mississippi Charter Boat Captains Association
Bilox, MS

Captain Jim Deibler, Jr
Northern Neck Charter Captains
Wicomico Church, VA

Captain Tom Dogan
Ogden Dunes, IN

Captain Shawn Gibson
Chesapeake Beach, MD

Captain Eddie Green
Maryland Charter Boat Association
Chesapeake Beach, MD

Captain Joe Headley
Monterey, CA.


Captain Paul Malo
Cape Cod Charter Boat Association
Duxbury, MA

Captain Rodger Parcelles

Marco Island Charter Captain's Association
Marco Island, FL

Captain Dave Pecci
Maine Association of Charter Captains
Bath, ME

Captain Mike Schoonveld
Indiana's North Coast Charter Association
Morrocco, IN

Captain Greg Sutter
Homer Charter Association
Homer, AK

Captain Richard Yamada
Alaska Charter Association
Auke Bay, AK


About Us

NACO is the national association of charterboat owners and operators formed in 1991, representing thousands of individuals across the United States.

NACO was formed out of a need to fight costly government regulations that were crippling our industry. Our objective is to improve the professional charter boat operator's bottom line and to provide a strong voice in Washington, DC.

Our membership includes marine charters who provide fishing, sailing, diving, eco-tours, whale watching, sight-seeing, burials at sea, weddings and other excursion vessels that carry passengers for hire.

NACO is a membership driven association that is successful because of the overwhelming industry experience shared by our Board of Directors, Administrative Director and Regular Membership. Our Board Members consist of experienced licensed captains, who are actively involved in their local areas.  This gives NACO the unique ability to be directed by industry professionals and experts. It is also extremely beneficial to have these seasoned professionals representing and speaking on NACO's behalf before Congress and Regulatory Agencies.

Over the years NACO has succeeded in saving the charter boat industry millions of dollars and prevented excessive and time-consuming reporting. NACO has always proactively worked for the best interests of our industry. We are the premiere association that represents charter boat interests.

The Association is organized for the following purposes:

A) To provide the charterboat industry a coor-dinated national voice in Washington DC on national policy, legislative and regulatory issues:

B) To inform the public and the news media of the important role of the charterboat industry:

C) To inform its members of economic, governmental, judicial, legislative and industrial developments affecting the industry, either directly or indirectly;

D) To provide members access to programs, supplies and services at group rates;

E) To provide a forum for the discussion and resolution of common problems on the national and state levels affecting the charterboat industry;

F) To establish and maintain active cooperation by its members on governmental policy issues with other persons, groups, and associations:

G)To afford a means of cooperation with the government in matters of national concern;

H) To provide an objective, self-regulating body for the industry;

I) To engage in any and all lawful activities incidental to the foregoing purposes.